Teach to type using Bible verses and concepts!

Book offers results unmatched by methods of even the best learn to type programs.


How to Touch Type by Sight

Color-coded typing keyboard helps students keep their eyes on the chart instead of their fingers or the screen so they learn how to touch type fast.


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This book is better than a learn to type program because it uses a brain compatible method. There are many learn to type programs available that allow you to learn to type free but the method in this book produces results superior to even the best learn to type programs teaching mirror image keys simultaneously.


Bible Based

Your child will learn to type using Biblical principles, Scripture verses, and Christian history. Students can begin this keyboarding curriculum as soon as they can read.

Unique Method

Bible Type's unique brain-compatible method avoids the left/right confusion your child may experience from mirror image instruction methods in other programs. Great for all learning styles and abilities -- whether your child has superior reading skills or dyslexia -- whether your child is bright or challenged -- Bible Type has proven superiority.


Bible Type's color-coded typing keyboard on each chart in the book helps your child easily see the correct fingering of each new key.


Your child will never feel rushed or bored. Bible Type allows students to learn to type at their own individual pace while ensuring both speed and accuracy for each chart in the book.

Proven Effectiveness

Bible Type's unique brain-compatible teaching methods have been proven to be superior by thousands of students learning keyboarding in first grade through high school as a Christian school and homeschool curriculum!

Bible Type

$29.77 + s/h


Parents and students rate this as the best computer typing curriculum!

Save money by getting the best keyboarding curriculum the first time.

"I bought two different typing programs for my children to use. Both were quickly put aside. Finally, I have found the best typing curriculum. This Bible-based typing curriculum is great! The color-coded keyboard on the charts has made it easier for my children to learn typing. The best part is that they are typing God's word as they are learning a necessary skill."
Susan Liva
Lexington, SC

"This typing book has taught me how to type without looking at the screen or the keyboard. When I needed to copy a quote from a book, I did not have to continuously look back and forth between the book and the screen."
Jenica C.
Watauga, TX

Bible Type

$29.77 + s/h


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